About Us

About Us

Untitled design-6Here at ‘Dental Interview Prep’, it is our sole purpose to fully prepare you for your dental interview, and get you into Dental School!

As head tutor of ‘Dental Interview Prep’, I can remember back to my first mock dental interview offered through my sixth form college. To say the interview went badly is an understatement! It was at this point I understood that solely base on their interview skills many students in the past failed to get into dental school.

Hence, I knew the interview was going to be my next and potentially hardest challenge to face in order to secure a place at dental school.
After a lot of preparation and hard work over the weeks and months before my interview, I

was able to practice and perfect my interview skills.

After attending my 4 interviews, I was able to secure all, 4/4 offers!
I have since mentored numerous students pass their dental interviews and helped them to secure an offer at their respective university!

You can also be part of this success story!

We offer a one day intensive courses for small groups of 12 students and one to one Skype run interview sessions.
What makes us unique at ‘Dental Interview Prep’ is that we constantly stay up to date with the dental interviews, ensuring that all the information and practice we give is relevant and transferable to the interviews you will be sitting.

Why not maximise your potential and get into your desired Dental School?!
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